How to Join the WRINL


Invitations to join W.R.I. Nurses' League shall be extended to the following:

  • those who are or were on the professional Register of the N.M.C
  • those who are qualified at the Institute of Health & Care, Nursing and Midwifery at University College of Worcester and were students sponsored by local trusts


You may join the Worcester Royal Infirmary Nurses' League as either an Annual Member or a Life Member.

Membership Fees

  Annual Membership £5.00p
  Life Membership £30.00p

Benefits of being a member

As a member of the WRINL you will:

  • receive your first annual newsletter free - subsequent newsletters will be provided at a nominal charge
  • be able to make contact with old friends and colleagues
  • have access to the members area of this WRINL Website

Application Form

To apply for membership then please:

  • Complete the application form (link to MS Word format Form)
  • Write a cheque, payable to "W.R.I. Nurses' League", for the appropriate amount
  • Post the completed application form and cheque to the WRINL Treasurer
WRINL Treasurer
Mrs J. Sheppard
71 Kilbury Drive
Tel No. 01905 355314

Access to the Member's Area

The WRINL Website Administrator requires the details marked ** in the form below in order for you to gain access to the members area of the WRINL Website. (your telephone number or email address is also essential in order for the Administrator to inform you how to access the member's area).

The member's area has a members page where, providing we have your consent to do so, your details can be included. Please complete the form below, ticking the appropriate "check box" to indicate your agreement for the information to be included on the WRINL Website, and then select the "Submit Details" button.

To remove the tick from the "check box" place the mouse pointer over the "check box" and select the left mouse button.

Maiden name
**Surname when you qualified
**Year you qualified e.g. 1961
Telephone number
Email Address

Your WRINL membership will be verified and then your access to the members area will be set up. You will be notified by the WRINL Website Administrator when this is completed (your telephone number or email address is essential in order for the Administrator to contact you).